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Our Goal

The main goal of our activities is to fulfill the needs of our customers and business partners to the best of our ability. We try to achieve this goal by steady refinement of our experience, which we have gained over time by our work in the marketplace. Since launching the company in 1995, we have gradually expanded our services and the range of our products.

The foundation of the quality of our services, of course, is the quality of our people and how we as a team have developed since the company came into existence. We rely heavily on the knowledge and experience of experts who, on the basis of past implementations, will find the correct and best solution for your requirements.



1995 (Fall) The company was founded

1999 (July) Registration of the cojeco.cz domain and the beginning of the development of our internet encyclopedia WhatIsWhat

1999 (December) Expanded our services to include internet application services.

2000 (March) We opened to the public the first comprehensive Czech encyclopedia on the Internet.

2000 (September) Introduced Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) interface to access our internet encyclopedia WhatIsWhat by mobile devices. Began cooperation with EuroTel to provide them the content of our encyclopedia for mobile devices.

2001 (September) Commercially introduced our wide-ranging internet catalog technology.

2002 (May) We introduced ELVOS, our first wide-ranging internet catalog at a commercial-industrial fair in Brno.

2003 (April) We introduced ELVOS, our first wide-ranging internet catalog at the AMPERE fair in Prague.

2004 (March) We created a wide-ranging catalog for KOPOS KOLIN a.s. - a producer of electro-technical materials.

2004 (April) We created a website with content management for FERONA a.s. - a modern wholesale company of metallurgical materials.

2004 (August) We created a wide-ranging catalog for UNIKAN s.r.o. (formerly UNIVERSA s.r.o.) - a supplier of heating systems.

2004 (September) Began cooperation with ATLAS.CZ - a Czech internet portal.

2006 (April) Began cooperation with Seznam.cz - the largest Czech internet portal.

2006 Contracted with Swiftcover, a British internet insurance company, to provide internet programming services.


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