Internet Applications on Demand

we can create internet applications tailor-made to fit your requirements.

Internet Pages - Webdesign

In consideration of your needs, we will create internet pages from simple web presentations with basic information to wide-ranging interactive pages with a database background.

Internet Pages - Webdesign
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E-shop (E-commerce)

Internet shops are becoming more and more popular and the number of customers is growing every year. Any company can have its own e-shop today. We can create for you a professional e-shop tailor-made for your business using the latest web technologies. We will provide a customer-appealing professional graphic design.

E-shop (E-commerce).


Effective control of information in the framework of the business necessitates a good business information system. Business information effectively collected and processed can be used to great advantage. We can offer the intranet/extranet system we have already provided to some of our clients.


Wide-ranging Catalogs

These catalogs can offer unique information about your products. They allow for detailed descriptions of hundreds of thousands of items. Updating a catalog is an easy process. A company catalog can be part of your web site, a standalone internet application, or an offline CD/DVD application, depending on your needs. Our wide-ranging catalogs can be formulated to operate with your accounting system.

Wide-ranging Catalogs
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E-marketing Services

We can provide website traffic statistics, search engine registration for your website, creation of backlinks, internet advertising, analyses of competitors' activity on the internet, and search engine optimization (SEO).


Web Hosting and Domain Registration

We offer our clients web hosting and domain registration, along with supervision and management of applications we create for them.

Web Hosting and Domain Registration.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is our task to ensure your website is keyword optimized.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


How to order our service

If you are interested in more information or want to order our service please use our contact page.

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