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Our Internet Cataloging Technology

I. General description

Our internet and CD/DVD cataloging technology allows for an unlimited number of products and their descriptions in one database. Your customers may purchase your products online or produce an off-line paper purchase order with minimum or no customer service interaction. OPTIMUS can provide CD or DVD versions of your catalog, at additional cost, as an off-line alternative to your internet catalog.

II. Advantages of this technology

  • We produce your own catalog
  • Secure placement and management of your catalog on our web server
  • Worldwide availability of your products on the internet
  • No limit to the number of products
  • No restrictions on the descriptions of products
  • Availability of graphical representation of your products (photos, charts, etc.)
  • Optional conversion of database to printed catalog
  • Customer desktop printing of catalog items
  • No installation necessary

III. Managing and updating your catalog

Some catalogs may need to be updated on a regular basis and some may not. We can help you with managing and updating depending on your needs.

Management options available:

  • We can provide you a catalog management program, or
  • We can manage the catalog for you

IV. E-Commerce options

  • Your customers will be able to prepare a Purchase Order on the internet
  • Customer Purchase Order accounting/payment options available
  • Individual customer product discount options
  • Automatic archiving of customer Purchase Orders
  • Customer information database and/or interface to the accounting system
  • Special product advertisement features


Sample implementations

The following links represent some of our catalog implementations. Please feel free to browse these sites on the Internet.

Producer of electro-technical materials

M&V spol. s r.o.
Wholesale tools, toolkits and machinery


How to order our service

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